"Angel" 17th Anniversary Edition CD-R

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Did you know that the first recording of Angel is from 2005?

Or that I recorded a fleshed out version in 2012 that made me instantly famous to my immediate family and some of my cousins?

If you're a real fan, you're going to want this special 17th Anniversary Edition CD-R of Angel. 

You get a Staples branded physical CD-R burned with:

  • A copy of the 2022 single "Angel"
  • A copy of the original 2005 studio recording "My Angel"
  • A copy of the 2012 home studio version of "Angel"
  • A handwritten sharpie note - "For my angel <3"
  • (Optional) Signed by Josiah Mann


How in the world am I going to play a physical CD?

Great question.

Option 1 - Your car probably has a CD player you don't know about. 

Option 2 - Buy a CD player on Amazon

Option 3 - You may have a BluRay player or Gaming console. They probably won't be able to read this, but it's worth a try.



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